Customize yaxis

my data is distributed unevenly in the y axis, e.g. most of the data are within range (0,100) and then there are some outliers with big numbers(e.g. 300, 500); by default, the y axis is spaced evenly;
how can i make the y axis spaced unevenly so that it’s coordinated with the actual data distribution?
thanks in advance.

Any help here with problem?

Try have a look here:

thanks Blaceus , but the tickval and ticktext enumeration doesn’t fix my problem: customize tickval&ticktext doesn’t affect how the figure looks
is there any other solutions?

As Etienne wrote in the linked thread, they do not currently support axis breaks yet.

My only alternative solution would be to use a logarithmic scale for your y-axis. That usually helps when illustrating far-spread data in a plot.