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Make tick break on axis

Is it possible to have a an axis “break” ? For instance, suppose I have data grouped around x=10 and data grouped around x=90. Displaying from 0-100 will hide the details. Can I show data from x=0-20 and then x=80-100 and have the axis ticks etc break in between?

I realize that I can make two plots, but then annotations become specific to each plot which is a bit messy.


We don’t allow axis break at the moment.

There’s probably a hacky way to do using ticktext and tickvals.

Hi, @PhilW, did you figure out?

Sorry about the slow reply, but the answer is unfortunately no as I did not try a hack and did another work around that did not need a break. If you figure it out, please tell me!

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Somebody tried or came up with a solution? Would be great if you could share it here, please.

Does this work for you, see Plotly-Python: How to make a gapped y axis? - Stack Overflow