Custom component of DASH AG GRID there's a limit to the table size?

Hello fellows,

I’m working in a Dash Ag Grid which uses a transposed Data frame… Therefore, my columns are rows and the rows are columns;

I have used this dmc.Select example Dash to be able to implement a custom dropdown to allow me to search the values, and it worked like a charm ONLY IN MY MRE:

But when I try doing absolutely the same for my “main” app, it doesn’t work… Although it doesn’t raise any error, I can’t change the value and neither see/search the list of options:

So, I would like to get some help to understand what’s maybe going wrong as I tried to use the same parameters and logic for both the apps; There’s a limit of data to the table or something like it? My main app has 38 rows and around 15 ~ 20 values (columns)

In both the apps I’m using the same library version:


You can find a working MRE on THIS GITHUB REPOSITORY

If you have any question, please let me know

Thank you in advance for all the help provided


Seems like the problem was because I was using "autoHeight": False, once I set it to True, it worked;

Now I have one problem solved, but another one to solve hehehe

EDIT: Setting "wrapText" to False it did the same work