Large file display in dash aggrid

Hi community friends,

I have a requirement of displaying 10 million rows and 100 columns using Dash-ag-grid in the browser with 8 dcc.Dropdowns to filter in addition to filter in the dash-ag-grid.

I have tried pagination, preset pag# but its very slow and takes a very longtime.

Dash-ag-grid 0.34 has pagination issues too. Right?

Can someone help me out with this?

Thank you very much,

Here is an example of big data, you can refer to it.

Hello @Bijoy,

You can try pagination with rowModelType infinite.


You can find a lot more information on handling large files with the Infinite Row Model in the docs:

@ Liripro,

Thank you very much. Your reference really helped me put together the Dash App in Polars format.


Hello @jinnyzor,

Awesome! That was perfect!! The only change I made is I adapted it to Polars since it is blazing fast. Please see below:

Output(“grid”, “getRowsResponse”),
Input(“grid”, “getRowsRequest”),
State(“filters”, “value”),
def update_grid(request, filters_data):
if request:
filtered_df = df.filter(df[‘colname’] == filters_data)

    partial = filtered_df.slice(request["startRow"], request["endRow"] - request["startRow"])
    return {"rowData": partial.to_pandas().to_dict("records"), "rowCount": len(filtered_df)}

Thank you very much! Appreciate it a ton!


Hi @AnnMarieW ,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the help and support you have given to the community members who are ardent fans of Dash & Plotly!

Thank you very much for the references. It helped me figure the solution quick.


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