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Creating a bivariate choropleth map


I would like to create a bivariate choropleth map, like the one done by @empet as shown here:

However, as far as I can see on Google, there is no example of an approach to do this.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @nd823,
Welcome to Plotly forum!!
you find how to define a bivariate colorscale,
and a bivariate choropleth, in this notebook

Much more simple is to use shapefiles, instead of topojson file, for the counties of an US state or other country.
This is an example of choropleth from a shapefile:

Thank you so much, @empet, for getting back to me! I have been seeing a lot of cool stuff of yours around. :slight_smile:

I will work my way through the notebook and see how I fare!

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Hello, thank you for your examples. Iā€™m interested in use shapefiles to create bivariate choropleth map in ArcMAP. Unfortunately, your link with shapefile does not exist. Is there any possibility to get a new one? Regards.

@Sylwia I removed that notebook when Plotly Chroplethmapbox was introduced. Meanwhile another user asked for it and I reposted it here You should adapt the code in this notebook to get a bivariate choropleth.

@empet Thank you for your response. I just started with python. Could you put the sample code to generate bivariate choropleth map directly using shapefile? It would help me a lot. Regards.