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Covid-19 Dash Project setup with Async, Redis & File Management / Testing in Mind

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Introduction Video:

How to Build Maps Tutorial Video

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Maps & Graphs


  1. Graph 1: Find Cases, Recoveries & Deaths on the map bubble chart.
  2. Graph 2: See our global growth rate & notice the data from china in red. It isnt because China is amazing its not growing because China’s Numbers are unreliable.


  1. Graph 1: Scale the Case Rate & update the graph bellow. See what areas are affected & How many cases near you by hovering over the map.
  2. Graph 2: Show the current cases in the USA with a layered bar chart to represent each states growth contributions.


  1. Graph 1: Select a date from the dropdown menu 3/27/2020 -> Now & fetch on the dataset in the table.
  2. Graph 2: Bar Graph Representing the contributions by country Table Dataset: Dataset being fetched by selecting a date.
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