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Converting Basemap contour map to Dash

I have code to do a contour plot of Antarctica using Basemap, and I’m trying to convert it in to a Dash app. Below is what I do in Basemap, but I’m struggling to do the same thing in Dash - can anyone show me an example or give me any pointers?

map = Basemap(projection=‘spaeqd’,boundinglat=-60,lon_0=180,resolution=‘l’)
map.drawparallels(np.arange(-80.,81.,20.), color=‘grey’)
map.drawmeridians(np.arange(-180.,181.,20.), color=‘grey’)

map the longitude, latitude coordinates

x,y = map(*np.meshgrid(lons,lats))

#try a contour plot
cs = map.contourf(x,y, heights,

Here is an example to check out:

Thanks, this is useful to work from. I want to plot Antarctica in a similar way to attached, can plotly only do maps with latitude and longitude as axes?