Click a cell in AG Grid and show precedence cells

Hi Dash Community:

This could be an odd question, but:
In dash AG Grid, is there a way that, if we click a cell ( call it cell A ), it highlights ( if it exists ) the cells that are inputs to calculate A? Similar as excel function that highlights the precedent cells. I guess this may not be a AG Grid question, but the graph should be implemented in the underlying implementation code? Thanks.

I think from these 2 pages there is enough information to get something close to what you are looking for.

Good luck. Let me know if you figure it out.

You could use conditional cellStyles to highlight it as well as a cellRenderer.

Thank you @sirdinkus. The second example actually highlights the cells that changes after the input changes, not the precedence. However, this is useful as well.

Thank you @jinnyzor. I think the only way to implement such could be to implement the dependence graph of the calculation ( which is independence of dash ) and build the cell condition accordingly. Let me think about this more, thank you!!

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You might be able to do something if you are using a valueGetter somehow.

Thank you @jinnyzor I will give a try and update here if it works or any tricks to make it work~