Selecting a cell in one ag-grid de-selects the cell on another


I’m using dash-ag-grid 2.2.0

When running the code below, clicking a cell on one table makes it appear as selected but currently selected cell on another table becomes ‘unselected’ (at least in appearance). Any explanation or advice for working around this issue?

from dash import Dash, html, Output, Input, MATCH, dcc
from dash_ag_grid import AgGrid
app = Dash()

layout = html.Div(
            columnDefs=[{ "field": 'A' }, { "field": 'B' }],
            rowData=[{"A": 1, "B": 2}, {"A": 3, "B": 4}],
            columnDefs=[{"field": 'A'}, {"field": 'B'}],
            rowData=[{"A": 1, "B": 2}, {"A": 3, "B": 4}],

app.layout = layout


Hello @yigalr,

Welcome to the community!

I believe that the grid is losing focus and appears to lose the active cell, I think that you can adjust this by sending a property in dashGridOptions.

Actual selections don’t disappear in the same way as the active cell.

Edit: I couldn’t find a prop that will keep the active cell when the grid loses focus. I may just be overlooking something.