Choropleth map with annotations

I need to plot a choropleth world countries map with annotations (box with text and data about the country and a connection line from country on the map to the box). This plot will be an illustration in the broshure, so it has to be static.

Any suggestions how to do this?

Hi @completebasis,

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible to specify annotations in geo coordinates. So I think the best approach would be to draw the annotations in “paper coordinates” ( In paper coordinates, the x and y positions are normalized values between 0 and 1. Here you would have to use trial and error to position the boxes/arrows where you want, but for a static plot I think you could get the visual appearance you’re after.

To style them with a box and arrow, see

Hope that helps get you started,

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Thank you, Jon! I’ll try to work it out

After all, I decided to do it manually in Photoshop. Without a method, that gives a position of a country, finding a paper coordinate for annootation seems to be a hard task.