Chloropleth Maps - no image in R


I was trying to test out a number of the sample charts on the R page. Most seem to work by simply copying the code and pasting it into the RStudio console, but I cannot get the chloropleth map code samples to work. This is unfortunate since they are of great interest to me.

When I paste the code into the R console and execute it, all I get are the titles and the gradient color scale on the right. The map itself never appears. I’ve tried simplly waiting for it to render, and I’ve also tried resizing the display frame and reexecuting, but no luck.

There are absolutely no errors or warning meesages after the execution… it runs cleanly, just not with the desired result.

I searched the forums but “chloropleth” returns no results.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so how did you fix it?

I’m using R 3.3.0 with Rstudio version 0.99.902.