Example Chloropleth no color

Had some trouble getting colors to display on a chloropleth map. Went back to the example code to see if I could get that to run. https://plotly.com/python/choropleth-maps/
Using the example code provided on the chloropleth page, colors are not populating. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling plotly. Any tips on what’s going on?


Hi @knicks711 welcome to the forum! This is weird indeed. In which environment do you work (Jupyter notebook, VScode etc.) and which version of plotly are you using? Also did you check that both counties and df have the right data (ie the download went well)? Finally, does your web console show any Javascript error which could help us debugging?

I’m using VScode. Last night, I uninstalled plotly with pip and conda, then installed the latest version with conda. Plotly version is 4.6

df looks ok. Not sure what to expect from counties, but attached a screenshot here.

I don’t see any errors in console.