Chart-Studio Plotly error on update

chart_studio.plotly for python not allowing update of existing chart.
I experienced this same problem in the past and it was resolved but I have just started to experience this message again :

-PlotlyRequestError: Sorry, a file named ‘Cc1IVOLRVOLAnimation1.html’ already exists-

An example call of the use case:
I run this every day with no problem and today it started to bug out and won’t allow me to update any of my charts. I would greatly appreciate someone looking into the issue for resolution.

I’m getting the same issue and have gone through every troubleshooting process I can think of, including, trying different accounts, uploading with a new file name, updating packages… I host lots of charts on my blog and now I can’t update or create new charts now

I first noticed the issue on Thursday, December 23, and it has persisted since then

Have the same issue since December 23th, 10am (France Time). Do you know how to fix it? All my dashboards are based on that!

Unfortunately, I am not sure this can be fixed on our end. I’m in the same boat! Got to be a server side issue because I can’t update via python script or on the chart-studio website


I’m also having the same problem, and not being able to find a useful solution. I reinstalled chart-studio and plotly, but I still have the same problem. Have they managed to solve it?

Chart Studio is back to normal.

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