Catch mouse status from rangeslider in xaxes

Hi everyone!

I am playing around with the range slider embedded in the figure (fig.update_xaxes(rangeslider_visible=True)). I would like to have a series of events that depend on the changes in the figure due to the movement of such slider. To catch such event I am using the approach below

@app.callback(Output('div_to_update', 'children'),  
    [Input('chart_with_rangeslider', 'relayoutData')]
def fun_update(trigger):
    # do something...
    return updated div

The problem is that every time I move the slider from point A to B, then fun_update is triggered for all the intermediate points. This can be heavy on the performances :frowning:
Is there a way to check if the mouse is up (has been released) before updating the targeted div?

Thank you so so much for your help.