Work around for: Range slider emits relayout evt on mousemove, should be only on mouseup

Hi guys. I’ve found this bug but I don’t think it’s been fixed yet. I was wondering if anyone on here had also experienced this issue and knew of a work around?

To summarise the issue:
I’m using relayout data from a scatter axis rangeslider to update data shown in a bar chart via a callback. This works fine when I select or zoom into a portion of the scatter graph, however, when I drag or stretch the rangeslider this produces a continuous stream of relayout updates which triggers the callback multiple times. The continuous nature of these updates and triggers creates a lag in updating the bar charts. My question is: is it possible to or does anyone have a workaround which might enable me to only release relayout data and hence trigger the bar chart update when the mouse click is released, rather than continuously for the duration of the action?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.