Plotly sliders update on mouse release

How do I make my transitions happen only on mouse release when using sliders?
here’s how I define my slider:

sliders = [
        'yanchor': 'top',
        'xanchor': 'left', 
        'currentvalue': {'font': {'size': 16}, 'prefix': 'Frame: ', 'visible': False, 'xanchor': 'right'},
        'transition': {'duration': 0.0, 'easing': 'linear'},
        'pad': {'b': 10, 't': 10}, 
        'len': 0.9, 'x': 0.1, 'y': 0, 
        'steps': [{'args': [None, {'frame': {'duration': 0.0, 'easing': 'linear', 'redraw': False},
                                  'transition': {'duration': 0, 'easing': 'linear'}}], 
                   'label': k, 'method': 'animate'} for k in range(n_frames)]


Here’s how it is behaving (updates every step when dragging the slider):

I would like the frames to update only when I release the mouse in a specific location of the slider ruler.