Can a Dash app be hosted as a static webpage using an S3 bucket on AWS?

I know you can deploy Dash apps to AWS using Elastic Beanstalk or a simple EC2 instance. However, is it possible to host a Dash single page app as a static webpage using an S3 bucket?

I found a couple tutorials to host a Flask app as a static webpage (linked below), but was curious if it worked with Dash.

I gave it a go quickly, using the first linked tutorial, and it didn’t seem to work as expected. Before I spend time investigating, I wanted to check with others to see if that would be time well spent.

How to deploy a Flask app to AWS S3 - Medium
Serve static assets on S3 Bucket — A complete flask guide - Medium

it is not, the dash server needs to be running to serve the page and respond to callbacks.

Makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.

Hi @chriddyp
Just thought about a similar question and found this:

Clientside Callbacks

Shouldn’t it be possible with that and