AWS EC2 deployment for Dash Web App - Feasibility

I am using Ploty Open Source to create a multi-page web app, that I want to host on AWS EC2 instances. Is there good documentation for this? Any challenges or limitations I should be aware of?

There’s a few on google if you search for them like here
It’s basically the same as standing up a web server.

I personally would recommend that you try out AWS ECS instead of EC2 however, you’ll likely spend less. Docker containers can be easier to deploy, someone posted a guide a bit ago here

ECS is where my apps are all deployed.


hi !!

I am also doing what you said. Dash.plotly + EC2 is really awesome and amazing!

in my case, I worked it referring to the page “” and asked about some issues here.

I hope you are going to achieve success in what you want. !!!

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