Calling WebAssembly-backends from Dash/plotly


I’m relatively new to the plotly/Dash toolchains but am amazed by its functionality and elegance. I’m potentially facing using Dash professionally. Please forgive me if my questions are badly phrased or nonsensical.

I’ve searched a while for articles, tutorials or examples where plotly is used to visualize data obtained from interactively calling WebAssembly-based backends. Is this possible? Are there any examples out there I could look at?


How does the backend expose the data?

At this point, it’s almost entirely up to me. The communication is a bit unclear to me, so I was hoping to learn some preferred way to solve the data transfer part.

Ah, so you are designing from scratch? In that case, it is not clear for me why you would want to use webassembly with Dash in the first place. Could you elaborate on that part?

Indeed I would be interested in the same topic. I would like to use custom functionality in a webassembly from one or more plotly dash components. In a “native” react application I am passing the webassembly from one component to another via props - but in dash I have learned that component props need to be JSON serializable. Is there any way to declare special props to bypass binding to the python backend? Or another alternative?