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Bug? Sticky axis range after zoom-in

Hi all,

When zoom in both x and y by mouse selecting a range, and then double click, the x and y range is reset.

Then, when you zoom in only x-axis, surprisingly, the yaxis range changes as well. It seems the yaxis range is cached somewhere at the first x and y zoomin. This is a bug, right?

I played with the examples in below link. They seem to be fine.

Sounds similar to the bug fixed in 1.41.2.

Which plotly.js version are you using?

I used 1.41.0. You’re right, this issue is exactly the same as 3026.

However, after updating it to 1.41.2, the issue remains. Could you confirm if it is really fixed?

Could you share a reproducible example (not just a gif) to help us debug?

It’s my bad. Sorry.

I thought I have replace the js file with 1.41.2, but I didn’t. After pointing it to 1.41.2, the issue on my side goes away.


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