Bold Ticks in Plot

I’m exporting a plotly plot as an image with the built-in data URI, but when the image is reconstructed (by converting the URI to an Image) the quality comes out a little low. I can still read the text, but it is a little blurry.

I’ve been experimenting, and I think that a solution may be to make the plot ticks bold. I’ve read Issue#324 which explains how to make the labels bold, but how do you make the ticks themselves bold?

Setting xaxis.tickwidth to some number greater than one should do the trick.

You might want to try Plotly.toImage(gd, {scale: 2 /* or some number greater */}) to increase the resolution.

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Thanks @etienne

I’ll try the scaling, I didn’t see that in the docs. That may just work!

What is the default tickwidth?

Never mind, you answered that question

@etienne as a follow-up question, is there a way to bold numbers associated with the ticks (that way the ticks themselves don’t seem too large when I increase their width)?

Do we have the answer for this question yet? Thanks!