Change Title Size and Make Bold

I’d like to increase the size of the titles on my graphs, and make them bold. I’ve tried changing “font size” for the global font, but that makes all of the text bigger (axis titles and hover text as well), when I just want to change the titles and maybe the axis text. Is this possible? I’m using plotly.js

Can you provide with a sample codepen. I had a similar issue a few days back. May be i can help.

Here is a codepen.

You need to set the following property :

var layout = {
"titlefont": {
    "size": 36

Below is the Code Pen.

Just for you to dstinguish the differnce, i have also changed the x and y axis font size


That’s exactly what I want, thanks so much! Is it possible to make it bold as well?

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Never mind–I figured out how to set that with css. Thanks again!

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For the future you can add to make text/titles bold:

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Hey, Could you share your experience of how to set the title bold using css? Great thanks.