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Axes labels not displaying properly

Hi there,

I have multiple labels in an axis and they are all income bands, so look like this: to 20-29k
If I try to display all the labels (around 13 of them), the chart doesn’t display at all, unless I try to edit it online - and even then the font for the numbers is different and not displayed correctly (looks like ‘40 -’)
If I merge 4 of the income bands into one and end up with less labels, the charts are displayed fine.

Does anyone have any idea why this happens?

Many thanks,

@anamariamocanu Perhaps there isn’t enough room to display ticklabels. Try set the keys tickvals and ticktext in xaxis dict, as in the following example.

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@empet, many thanks for your help and example! I tried the tickvalues and text with my labels and it wasn’t displaying the labels at all!
Then I tried your labels and it worked, so the only issue I can see is the dollar sign at the beginning. Now it makes sense because I also have labels with text (Prefer not to say, upper range or more) and they seemed fine.

I know is a little bit late, but this happened to me today and It was because of the $ symbol within the income. I removed and that did the trick