Not all the x-axis ticks are displaying

Hey everyone,

I made a bar graph that counts the number of times a customer ordered something from us by day. The x-axis is the number of orders made, and the y-axis is the total count of customers within that segment.

Right now the x-axis is counting by 5s, and I have to hover over to see specifically which bar represents which segment.

Is there a way to display all the segments, so I can export it to a .ppt, or do I have to edit the data frame itself and change it from an int to a string?

changing the x axis into a string didn’t solve it.

So I was able to fix the tick issue, but now the graph is spaced out between number gaps. Take a look:

Is there a way to eliminate the gap, so it’s not so spread out?

Thank you.

‘xaxis’: {‘type’: ‘category’},

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just set xaxis’s layout.

‘xaxis’: {‘type’: ‘category’},

Hello and thank you for responding.

Do I do that within the x-axis dictionary? I have the X-axis set up as:

layout1 = go.Layout(
title="Vehicle Breakdown",
    title='Deliveries by Vehicle',
        family='Courier New, monospace',

yes .

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Awesome, thank you very much.