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Apps Froze when having many Dash apps open on browsers

I have a multi page Dash app that I have hosted on AWS.

On one computer, I have a lot of windows open with different pages of the Dash app. They autorefresh at an interval and they also do some pretty heavy calculations. Each app on their own functions fine, but when I have 20 of them open on my computer, they seem to have frozen, but my Chrome continue to run fine on other websites.

My Dash app on another computer also seems to be running fine so it seems it is only on one of my computer when I have many windows of Dash open would it freeze.

I am trying to debug this issue. Is it leaking memory somewhere? Why does it only freeze on one computer but not on another? How should I troubleshoot this?


Having the same problem, with a similar setup (sans AWS).
It seems like if a calculation takes longer than the interval, it will freeze up a tab.

Hopefully it’s a bug and not a bottleneck