Applying consistent zoom-in effect to a grid of multiple graphs


I am attempting to use plotly in conjunction with the Shiny and Shinydashboard packages in R.

My app allows for users to specify what elements they would like to plot, and it reactively plots the new input. So if they specify 3 terms, there will be 3 graphs.

I’m experiencing an issue using zoom when there are multiple graphs, such that they appear in a grid through the automatic formatting. For example, if I have a 2x2 grid of graphs and I use zoom on the top left graph, the zoom is only applied to the bottom left, and top right, and neglects the bottom right graph.

This example is reproducible on the graph at Screenshot is below. Basically from what I can tell, it only applies the zoom to the directly vertical and horizontal graphs in the grid.

Does anybody know how to apply the zoom to all graphs in the grid?

Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Bumping for visibility.