Scroll zoom in R Studio is buggy - axis scaling breaks when scrolling quickly

I’m trying to plot with config(scrollZoom = TRUE) in an R Shiny app with RStudio, but the zooming performance is pretty bad, and when I zoom in and out repeatedly (usually with the touchpad, but I can make it happen with a mouse scroll wheel as well), the plot can spaz out and change the relative scaling of the x and y axis.

I’ve googled a lot but haven’t seen a single mention of this bug; does anyone have any ideas or has anyone seen this before?

For reference this happens no matter how I’m rendering the plot. It even works with a totally empty plot. I’m able to reproduce with just using the viewer tab of RStudio and this code:

plot_ly() %>% config(scrollZoom = TRUE)

This seems to only happen when axis ticks or grid lines are present - without those it’s much less buggy, and it could just be a visual issue when the axes change their scale or someting