Almost forgot to post this here. But I was working on an app that integrates Dash Cytoscape and GPT-3

Obviously has a few quirks. GPT-3 doesn’t necessarily handle logical tasks as well. That said, I trust its successors and competitors will be far more apt at tasks like these.

How would we go about making a project like this Open Sourced?

Forgive me for how slow this plays :sob:

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Looks like a good start, thanks for sharing! And really clever use of Cytoscape.

I think it’s a good idea to reach out to to confirm whether you can share your code (which is likely a yes) and a online demo (which will likely need to be reviewed).

Happy to see any progress, and feel free to share it on Twitter + tag @gdb (Greg)!

You can use kdenlive to speed up your video and render it to a GIF/mp4. it’s a nice open-source video editor.

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