Air Quality Dashboard

Hi everyone,

Wanted to share another project I have been working on.

This dashboard fetches data from air quality sensors (Purple Air) across the city of Monterrey, Mexico and visualizes them into a simple to use dashboard. Users can also download the data that gets updated every hour into a CSV file.

I’m building this dashboard for our local air quality government agency with the goal of helping our city, currently one of the most polluted in the continent, achieve a better air quality for all our citizens.

You can visit the app at, check out Purple Air’s API at
and all the code is available at as well.

At the moment, most filter options are in development but you can still get an idea for the app.

Anyway, hope you like it and more than happy to help with any questions.



Wow Edgar, this is an awesome app. Thank you for sharing with us.

Has the government agency already started using the app to try to improve the air quality. It would be amazing if this app helped create new municipal policies.

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Thank you Adam, I’m glad you liked it. And thank you as well for your youtube tutorials, much of what I have been able to develop comes from watching your vids!

Not yet, but I believe they will start using it in the upcoming weeks.


Thanks for the info, @edgargtz
I’ve also noticed that all but one of the indicators y municipios are blocked.
Do you plan to unblock those in the dropdown as you build access to that data?

Exactly. Mainly, we are planning on adding more data sources besides Purple Air that can bring better insights to the problem.