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2d line plot with colored lines according to z-value or color-value

I am trying to plot the lines wherein each point represent certain value (weight) in x-y plane and also have colorbar accordingly
I have tried producing it with scatter3d plot and then giving a certain camera angle for scene
plotly does a great work in terms of customization but unfortunately as soon as user starts rotating the view the whole graph looks really bad and also the axis labels are not as consistent as that of 2d plot
eventually I am looking for something like following in 2D plot

How exactly is the user rotating the view? Using a CSS transform? In that case, it’s a know bug:

user is rotating with
using mouse click

my problem is not it being rotated but since i have forced the 3D graph to be 2D there are some inconsistencies with scene
the axis cannot be scaled same as that of 2D

It would be great if i could just delete the Z-axis and treat the graph as 2d now

for your clarification –

  1. this is what i could manage but i dont see the x-axis

  1. if i rotate it then i can see the x axis but it has to be 3d rotation which user would not really expect (for 2d graph why one needs a 3d rotation)

can you please help me

thank you