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Scatter3D Axis Labels and Colors

Hey Folks,

Thank you. I’m having a heck of a time getting a 3d Scatter plot to show the Axis labels on the flyover. The graph continues to show X:,Y:,Z: instead of the labels showing on the axis.

This is my code:

],name:‘Downside Quarter’,colorway : [’#f3cec9’, ‘#e7a4b6’],type: ‘scatter3d’, mode: ‘markers’, marker: {size: 10,line:{color: ‘rgba(244, 244, 244, 0.14)’,width: 0.4},opacity: 0.7} };
var layout = {
title: {font: {size: 12},text: ‘Comparison showing Citi CCAR Cycle 2018 versus Mike Demo
Analysis run at September 10, 2020 at 6:08:07 PM’},
scene:{xaxis: {spikecolor: ‘#a10000’,title : ‘Horizon’, autorange: ‘reversed’},
yaxis: {title : ‘Expected Loss Differences’},
zaxis: {title : ‘Rating Grade’}},
showlegend: true,
autosize: true,
width: 750,
height: 750};
Plotly.newPlot(‘tester’,[trace1],layout,{displaylogo: false},{responsive: true});

I’ve tried the hover and text options with no luck. I’ve spent an embarassing amount of time trying different options to get rid of the x,y,z. Any ideas out there? Waving the white flag…



Could you please fork & modify this codepen with your layout/data?

Thanks. See the layout and code here.


It seems you forgot to save!

So sorry…

Try this one.

See this demo that uses hovertemplate.


Thank you SO much. I had played with hovertemplate, but I wasn’t even close to the right use. Thank you!


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