Create 2 d line trace with colored lines (not only one color for line)

I would like to create a 2D line graph with the weight value for each point where weight would represent the color at that point in the line
is this possible in plotly?

Not at the moment, you look at for more info.

Something like this?

3D line

@stoyanradev, yes exactly but in 2D, not in 3D.
or if you have a suggestion for how to converd 3D scence to 2D graph, that would be also a solution (I am looking for no rotation, pan – zoom should be there and also axis should be like 2d Graph not 3 D)

According to second last comment from issue 581

It’s possible to set the 3D camera such that you get an orthographic projection, and you can disable the axis ticks perpendicular to the screen surface, as well as controls (e.g. rotations) that are there for 3D navigation.

example , mentioned has not inoformation on setting axis
can you please help here? thank you