2020 Election Apps

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

The much anticipated US election is only a few weeks away! Is anyone in the community building election apps? We’re compiling our favorite apps from the community to highlight in our Modern Data series.

Our last round-up highlighted these amazing COVID-19 Dash Apps and in the 2016 election we highlighted these graphs (This was pre dash!)

Would love to see what you’re building!


Here’s a great one from the 2016 election @cmclaughlin829 : http://news-sentiment-analysis.herokuapp.com/


Hi @chriddyp,
I built this app for the elections, as part of my tutorial on operational dashboards. It allows people to follow election results as states declare party winners. (It takes a few seconds to load because I’m using a free heroku account.)


Related questions: does anyone know of open source data on election results?