Zoom into an area of a line graph without touching the axes on the top and bottom

I wish to plot a series with historic data, but it should be zoomed in to the last year when it starts out. My problem is that when I zoom in to the range of the last year using range for xaxis and yaxis, the line graph touches the xaxis on the top and the bottom. How can I program it so that it zooms in without touching the axes. One way would be to increase the range for the yaxis with an extra 6 percent on the top and the bottom like R does for base R graphics. I was wondering if there is a feature in plotly which does this automatically. I would love to hear from the community here.

Here is a reprex:-


myplotly <- function(x,n){
    mydf <- data.frame(data.frame(x,row.names=NULL), "Date"=index(x))
    colnames(mydf)[1] = "Data"
    plot_ly(mydf,type="scatter",mode="lines") %>%
        add_trace(x=~Date, y =~Data,hovertemplate = '%{x:%A} %{y:.2f}<extra></extra>') %>%
               xaxis=list(title="",mirror=TRUE,showline=TRUE,linewidth=2, range=c(Sys.Date()-365,Sys.Date())),
               yaxis=list(title="",showline=TRUE,linewidth=2,mirror=TRUE, range = c(min(window(x,start  = Sys.Date()-365)),max(window(x,start = Sys.Date()-365, end  = Sys.Date())))),

myplotly(GOOG[,4],"Time Series")

As you will see in the above graph the graph starts out touching the xaxis on the top and the bottom.