Zoom in-out only on the axes

This is the situation, I would like to be able to zoom in-out on the axes and drag it only on top of the graph, I found that above the axes there are three rects, in the case of the X axis they are wdrag, ewdrag and edrag and in the case of the Y axis are ndrag, nsdrag and sdrag, the ones on the sides are used for zooming and the middle one for dragging, using CSS I can hide the middle one that is used for dragging and enlarge the other two so that they occupy their corresponding half of the axis, the The problem is that the zoom is anchored depending on the side you use, for example in the case of the X axis, the rect with the wdrag class is on the left side and when you zoom the graph on the right side is fixed and it is the left side that It approaches or moves away and the same situation happens in reverse on the opposite side. I would like to be able to do this zoom effect on both sides simultaneously, so that one side of the graphic remains fixed, but rather the graphic moves closer or further away from both sides. simultaneously, is it possible?

Hey @Saratoga try describing your problem and structuring the text in an other way.

It’s quite hard to understand what you want to achieve.