Xaxis and yaxis custom attributes in layout not showing for 3d mesh chart

I am trying to make a 3d simple mesh chart and I have to customize the axes. But any attribute for xaxis and yaxis is not having any effect. I tried to simply the axes titles but I keep getting the default axes title x,y and z with no errors. Here the code for reference:-

            var data=[
						type: 'surface',
						z: z_data
			var layout = {
				xaxis: {
					title: 'Row'
				yaxis: {
					title: 'Column'
				autosize: false,
				width: 700,
				height: 700,
				margin: {
					l: 100,
					r: 100,
					b: 100,
					t: 100,
					pad: 400
			Plotly.newPlot('chart_div', data, layout,{"displaylogo": false});