X and Y axis independent from plotting values


i am new to plotly and i am trying to make a small automation python program wich tracks my internet speed in Mbps. Every
10 minutes it saves the Mbps to a csv file. After 24 hours i would like to show my speed of the day in a graph. How do I make
the x axis as a timeline and the y axis from 0 Mbps to 250Mbps but independent from my plotting values? So that the x and y axes always display the same values and the actual data is entered into the coordinate system

Thanks in advance


Hi @SuperJu,

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You are looking for a layout update like:

fig.update_layout(yaxis_range=[0, 250])

and equivalent for the x axis. I believe you can pass a datetime object or string to the x range.

Hereā€™s a link to the docs:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks that works!!!