Workarounds for callback context not being supported by long_callback?

I have a fairly complex callback that updates a live plot depending on several inputs. I need to use the recently released @long_callback method to process callbacks in sequence (rather than interrupting the callback and losing data if inputs are triggered in rapid succession).

However, since dash.callback_context is not supported by @long_callback I was wondering what the best alternate method is? Is it still the timestamp method? Is there someway of using pattern matching callbacks to efficiently decide how to process a wide variety of inputs and outputs in a single callback? I had trouble doing it with pattern matching since my inputs and outputs contain several different DCC components with different data types, and the examples just use multiple instances of the same type of component.

EDIT: I used a dcc.Store component to hold the data in queue and passed a dictionary to the long_callback. It works but I would not recommend it for live plotting due to desync between new data arriving and old data being analyzed. I am going to use a different solution, I think.