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Why plotly area graph is not displaying data properly?

Data is coming from beck end correctly but on graph is not displaying properly sometimes. Why?
I referred this code.
Area of graph not filling properly. My graph is looking like this some time:

Here is my code:

 <div id="myDiv" style="width: 480px; height: 400px;"><!-- Plotly chart will be drawn inside this DIV --></div>
var abc = ['2013-10-04 02:23:00', '2013-10-22 12:23:00',  '2013-11-04 20:23:00', '2013-11-020 10:23:00','2013-12-04 15:10:45', '2013-12-26 06:03:00'];
abc[6]='2014-05-02 20:23:00';
var trace1 = {
x: abc,
y: [1, 3, 6,9, 4, 5,8],
  fill: 'tozeroy',
  fillcolor: 'red',
  text: server1,
  hoverinfo: "x+y+text",
  name:"Server 1",
  type: 'scatter',
var layout = {
  margin: {
	l: 35,
	r: 40,
	b: 50,
	t: 10
  legend: {
	"orientation": "h"
  xaxis: {
	showgrid: false,
	showline: true,
	ticks: "outside"
  yaxis : {
	fixedrange: true,
	showgrid: false,
	showline: true,
	ticks: "outside"
var data = [trace1];
Plotly.newPlot('myDiv', data,layout, {modeBarButtonsToRemove: ['sendDataToCloud','hoverCompareCartesian','zoom2d','pan2d','select2d','lasso2d','autoScale2d','hoverClosestCartesian','toggleSpikelines']});

var plotDiv = document.getElementById('myDiv');
    alert( 'ZOOM!' + '\n\n' +
        'Event data:' + '\n' + 
         JSON.stringify(eventdata) + '\n\n' +
        'x-axis start:' + new Date(eventdata['xaxis.range[0]'])+ '\n' +
        'x-axis end:' + new Date(eventdata['xaxis.range[1]']));
		var xVal = new Date(eventdata['xaxis.range[0]']);
		var yVal = new Date(eventdata['xaxis.range[1]']);


Can you a code snippet of the graph you took a screenshot of to help us debug?

I Updated my code. Please help me

I can’t replicate in

Can you help me out?

Thank you for your response. Please don’t consider above x and y value. I kept here to understand code. I’m getting value for x and value from backend service. Some times graph is displaying like above, but I checked data is correct only.