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Area chart is not breaking at null values

When one of the value is null in the area chart it does not break.

Here area between thursday and saturday should be empty(i.e. not filled) just like the line below.

Hmm that looks like a bug to me. Can you share the code you used to general that graph?

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Here is the code for the area chart

and for the line chart with same data

Also the intervals for the line chart starts from 15 but for area chart it is starting from 0.

Thanks very much for the report.

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In the meantime, you can get close to the desired result by rearranging your data using fill: 'toself' as in

Thanks for addressing the issue. I will be watching the issue for the latest development.
The desired behaviour should be like in this pen. but without the markers on the x-axis(y=0).
But here also lot of manipulation has to be made in the data for the large data set.

Any news one this ?

Have exact same problem, trying to cut a spline shape at different ranges along xaxis. All works until I set fill to zeroy. toself doesn’t solve it and show strange things…