Why my call back doesn't work?

hi, I want to create a multi input by a for loop, but it doesn’t work, and get this error:

IncorrectTypeException: Callback arguments must be Output, Input, or State objects,
optionally wrapped in a list or tuple. We found (possibly after
unwrapping a list or tuple):
“[Input(‘2021-09-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2021-10-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2021-11-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2021-12-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2022-01-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2022-02-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2022-03-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2022-04-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2022-05-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2022-06-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2022-07-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2022-08-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2022-09-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2022-10-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2022-11-01’, ‘value’), Input(‘2022-12-01’, ‘value’),]”

The input is already a list but still gets this error.

This is my code:

for scenario in pd.date_range(start=next_month, end=next_year_end,freq='MS').date:
    call_list.append("Input('"+str(scenario)+"', 'value'),")
#call_list.insert(0,"Output('Sensitivity', 'figure'),")
call_list=" ".join(call_list)
call_list = '['+call_list+']'
#call_list.insert(0,"Output('Sensitivity', 'figure'),")
scenarioslist = " ".join(scenarioslist)

    Output('Sensitivity', 'figure'),
def update_graph(scenarioslist):
could anyone know the reason and help me plz, many thanks

After a quick look, the problem seems to be that call_list is a single string and not a list of Input.

It should be instead (remoting the join and the [] addition):

call_list.append(Input(str(scenario), 'value'))

Please also note that scenarioslistin the callback is not at all related to the list you created on the top and the list on top is not needed.

solved, many thanks