Which interpolation method plot.ly uses for the heatmaps?

I’m writing a report and I will use a heatmap graph done with plot.ly for that. The heatmap plots 3 (X, Y and Z) variables and fill the empty spaces with interpolation. Thus, I need to describe what was the interpolation method used for that. Does anyone know or could any plot.ly engineer help me with that? Thanks!

Heatmap traces support three fill types:

  • zsmooth: 'best' (which interpolates in data space),
  • zsmooth: 'fast' (which interpolates in pixel space) and
  • zsmooth: false (the default, which displays the heatmap as bricks).

See http://rickyreusser.com/plotly-mock-viewer/#zsmooth_methods for example of all three methods.

If you’re looking for implementation details, see this source file and more specifically this block.

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Etienne, the example link is not valid anymore, can you please provide an updated link?