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What units does Plotly camera center (layout.scene.camera.center) use?

In a 3D Plotly plot the camera center defaults to (0,0,0), where, as far as I understand, (0,0,0) refers to the centre of the 3D volume occupied by the plot, not the coordinate (0,0,0).

These values can be changed via layout.scene.camera.center as documented here and here. However, I can’t work out what units are being used, nor can I find this information in the documentation.

E.g. if I change the camera center to (1,1,1), where is this in relation to my plot? From a bit of experimenting I have discovered that:

  • (1,1,1) puts the camera center outside the volume occupied by my plot, but I can’t figure out how far outside,
  • (0.5, 0.5, 0.5) put the camera center near, but not exactly on, one of the edges of the volume occupied by the plot; sometimes it is near a corner of the volume, sometimes it is along an edge.