What is the simplest way to work on a remote server


I am developping an app for my research group. For now I have work on dash locally on my computer, but in order to complete the app I will have to work on the group server to access the calculation model there is in their home server. There is no web browser on the server that I know of, so I will have to find another way to visualize the app on that server for development through an ssh connection.

I have seen that I can deploy the app on heroku or the equivalent and work on development using the production server deploy on heroku. A process that seems less straightforward. There also the possibility that I work on the group site that is presently host by maestria in a not public mode. But I don’t know the framework they use for development on this particular server. So I am afraid there might be incompatibility.

Is there another way to go?

Thank you