What are all the different types of font styles supported by plotly?

I want to provide user with a set of font styles. What are the font styles supported by plotly ?

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plotly.js does not ship with any fonts directly.

Are you referring to the font available on https://plot.ly/plot or https://plot.ly/alpha/workspace/ ?

I am referring the to the image below. Are this the only font styles i can use?

On plot.ly, yes. These are the fonts we include in all our pages where graphs are present.

If you are using plotly.js, you can add any arbitrary font to your page. See example: http://codepen.io/etpinard/pen/jAzVVL

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Hi Etienne,

We would like to integrate your free js library in our system.
Among our major requirements is the configuration of typefaces.
Is there a possibility to alter your library in terms of adding a wider array of font types that are constantly available to our users or maybe even giving them option of uploading their own font type?

Thanks a lot in advance

The library itself will never ship with fonts.

See https://codepen.io/etpinard/pen/jAzVVL for an example of how to use fonts with plotly.js.