WCAG/508 Concerns - Dash

Good Afternoon all, Currently working on a project within Dash and we are attempting to abide by the WCAG/508 compliance guidelines but we are running into some issues with a few different things. Any suggestions, clarifications, or solutions would be greatly appreciated!

  • Data table captions and summaries - Dash does not allow for the addition of captions and summaries to data tables. Without captions and summaries a screenreader would not be able to function properly for data tables.
  • The toggle columns button that is created with data tables. This button is accessible through the use of ONLY a keyboard, however the dropdown menu is NOT. A user using a keyboard only is currently unable to access the options within the created Toggle Columns dropdown. These dropdown menu options need to also be “focusable” and accessible through “tabbing” in order to be 508 compliant.
  • Pagination Elements. Pagination elements do not take the “tabIndex” parameter in order to become accessible through a keyboard. A user using a keyboard only is unable to navigate to the page menu and flip to new pages within the app.
  • Keyboard accessibility get trapped on the Two buttons that get created with Data tables: Export and Toggle Columns. A user using a Keyboard only would not be able to navigate past these buttons
  • The Focus outline for dropdowns is not distinguishable enough. The text entry is focused upon but not immediately apparent to the user. See image below:

Thank You!