Screen Reader Accessing Dropdown Menu Options

Hello All,

I have built a dash app which utilizes a number of dropdowns to select data to be displayed in visualizations and tables.

In order for the dashboard to be displayed on my organization’s website, it needs to meet a variety of accessibility standards.
One of the difficulties I am experiencing is making sure that a screen reader can read everything on the dashboard.

Currently a user can navigate the entire dashboard with a keyboard, but when selecting options from a dropdown menu, the screen reader cannot read the actual options (even though a user can access them with the keyboard). I have tried a variety of the different types of dropdown options, such as dcc.dropdown (Dropdown), dmc.Select (Select), and dmc.MultiSelect (MultiSelect). None of these have options that screen reader software can read.

I have only had success with utilizing dbc.Select (dbc Select). I believe this is because this renders individual html elements (options) that have the text associated with it.

Although this solves the problem with the screen reader, it creates more issues with functionality as it does not allow for multiple items to be selected or for the dropdown to be cleared. Does anyone have a way for the html option elements to render on one of the other dropdown options or a similar workaround to make the dropdown options screen readable?

Thank you.