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Warning Sunburst multiple roots

Hello everyone.
I’m stuck with sunburst.

When I try to implement sunburst chart with following config

    const values = [67, 3, 88, 834, 260, 463]
    const labels = ["One", "Two", "Three", "Four", "Five", "Six"]
    const parents =  ["", "", "", "", "Four", ""]

    const dataPie = {
      branchvalues: "total",
      texttemplate: `%{value} (%{percentEntry})`,
      hovertemplate: '%{label}<br />%{value} (%{percentRoot:%})<extra></extra>',
      hoverlabel: {
        align: 'left'
      type: 'sunburst',
      marker: {
        line: {
          color: '#fff',
          width: [2, 2, 2, 2, 2]

I get this “WARN: Multiple implied roots, cannot build sunburst hierarchy.

In the end I want to get something like this
Screenshot from 2020-07-13 15-00-07

What can I do?

It works. Here is a demo.

Thanks for your reply.

Yeah. it works. But gets annoying warning.

I don’t see any warnings! Could you please share a screenshot?