Using sqlitedict in dash


I would be happy to have some opinions on a small package that I released called “dash_database”. It is made for sharing data between callbacks and uses sqlitedict in place of (for instance) redis.

Link to the repository:

It is pip installable (after git cloning) and I’d like to publish it to PyPI if there aren’t any flaws with it (security concerns for instance or performance issues etc.). I am also hosting a presentation on dash to 20+ people on Wednesday and one the apps I’ll show will include this package.

I have used it privately for a while and it works really really well but it was on a very small scale.

Thanks in advance!


Very nice, thanks for sharing!

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so I investigated on my own and decided to upload the package on PyPI after doing the following:

  • look at the source code in sqlitedict and check for vulnerable points
  • restrict the types to str or int for some arguments in the main class (DashDatase) methods (this is to prevent any bad surprises like a user id being None and multiple users accessing the same key as a consequence)
  • 100 % coverage and some tests to make sure it works as expected

I hope it will help some people and I’d still be happy to hear some feedback :slight_smile:

Is this just for multi-threading or does it work with multiple server workers? :slight_smile: