App Deployment + Sqlite3 for Callbacks

Hi Plotly Dash community!

A few weeks ago I’ve started learning using Dash and not long time before that - programming. Super excited, I really love Dash!

So I’ve been working on a project and despite reading quite a lot about app deployment, I’m still not really sure how to do that in my case. Basically I’m sqlite3 library to get data from a database, which is located on my computer. I think the problem is that I’m executing queries in callbacks. For example, I’m using dropdown component and when the other option is selected, a query is executed and it returns new values. Well for now, everything works fine as I’m working on my computer. However, the final idea would be to share dashboard with another person (privately), so that dashboard would work properly for that person. What would be the best process for doing this?

Let me know if I haven’t expressed my ideas clearly. And thank you in advance!